DIY Backyard Garden Studio Kits Without a Permit

Work From Home Studio Pods

Need a quiet space to focus, then a home office studio pod is a great way to be able to ditch the daily distractions and get your work done.

Our studios are perfect for a range of uses from a separate professional space for private consultations to room to grow your home-based business.

 Home Beauty Therapist   Home Office Studio Pod

General Rules for Sheds to be Exempt

Most small garden sheds are considered to be exempt from complying developments by Councils and do not require you to apply for a Building Permit or Development Applications.

While council regulations will vary, there are some general rules for shed building that apply throughout most of Australia.

* A 10m2 or smaller shed will probably not require council approval in Victoria. Other States you can go a much as 20m2.

* Your shed must be located no further forward than the front wall of a single dwelling.

* Sheds with a height of 3 metres or less and setback from the boundary 1 metre or more do not require a permit

Exempt Sheds

In our range of garden studio kits we have two that fit the requirements to be exempt from building permits for Victoria, other States can go larger so our other studios are suitable.

As with any building and renovation projects we always recommend that you do check with your local council before beginning any works.

Hideaway Garden Studio - 9.4m2

HideOut Garden Studio - 9.5m2

Hideaway Garden Studio under 10m2
The Hideaway backyard studio is the original design that we started with many years ago. Designed to be under 10m2 and capable of fitting into most backyards. Great for a home office or even an extra room. Priced from $9500
This garden studio is the most popular in our range. Designed to be under the 10m2 for those who don't won't to worry about getting permits or for the smaller backyard. The HideOut is the perfect fit for a home office or extra room. Priced from $9800