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To place an order for your new garden studio please fill in your details below. If you have any questions or require further information please free to contact us on 03) 5968 3373.Once received we will send you an invoice for 40% deposit with balance due prior to delivery. Please allow approximately 8 weeks for delivery.

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Studio Details

This is the colour for the roof, side and back walls and trims

Bifold Doors

Choose where your doorway will be on the front of your studio. This is done from you standing in front of your studio looking at it.

Timber Awning Windows

We offer timber awning windows that can be placed into the wall panels for an additional charge. All awning windows come with lockable window winder, flyscreens are also availableWindows are placed within the wall panel sections. You need to let us know which panel you would like your window/s put into. Left and right side walls consist of a back and front panel.Back wall has 2-4 panel depending on the studio you select.Hideaway - 2 back wall panelsHideOut - 3 back wall panelsHIdeOut Plus - 3 back wall panelsRetreat - 3 back wall panels Haven - 4 back wall panels


Delivery is based on your location and size of studio ordered, it will be added to your invoice.