About Us

Designer Hideaways is a small family that has been providing Melbourne and the surrounding region with superior DIY garden studios for a number of years now and we are confident in our ways and how help out our customers. At Designer Hideaways, we have been delivering architecturally designed backyard studio kits with only positive feedback and we can proudly say that all of our customers have been happy with their product and our service to this date. Providing garden studios in Melbourne is something we will continue to excel at and we only focus on improving our products, how we deal with our customers and, more importantly, how we improve our services to the point that we stand tall above them all. Our stunning studios come with clear instructions and quite simply could not be made any easier to assemble. Due to the preparation and construction of the studio on our side, it makes life easy for the handyman to erect and assemble the home studio. However, if you do require any assistance with piecing the studio together and you are a little unsure about a thing or two then please pick up the phone to us immediately.
Factory Location 5 Bravo Loop Pakenham
Not long ago one of our studios appeared on the front cover of a magazine! Our studio was in an issue of Sanctuary that did a feature on backyard builds "beautifully designed studios and sleep outs that occupy under-utilised space, providing flexibility and increased functionality." - Anna Cumming, Sanctuary Editor.
As a small family business it is a great achievement to be recognised in national magazine.