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To help with your decision process of designing your new Garden Studio Pod please have a look at the attached information.

 Easy To Install Garden Studio Pods


Choose the Colorbond colour for the roof, side and back walls, flashings, guttering and downpipe.

Colorbond Colour Range


As an option windows can be added to your studio if you are needing extra light or maybe want to be able to let in some fresh air. Windows can be located in any of the wall panels. When placing your order please let us know or if you are unsure we can help you.

BiFold Doors

You also get to choose the position of the bifold doors on the front wall and the direction that they open, and its all included in the price.

The doors are supplied with safety glass as a standard but it you want to minimise the outside noise and have a studio that is more energy efficient double glazing is also available.

Double glazing effectively reduces the transfer of heat; the insulating gas in the void between the panes prevents heat from passing through. Simply put, this keeps your studio cooler in summer and warmer in winter for reduced energy usage.


We offer a variety of sizes for the studios to suit most backyards. 

Note: As always it is recommended to check your local building guidelines before starting any construction. We always suggest you get the thumbs up from your local council before starting your project

Designer Hideaways sizes of studios available

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