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Made In Australia - Flat Pack Ready To Assemble

Designer Hideaways have been creating beautiful studio pods for over 10 years. Our Studios are created in our Pakenham factory and shipped as a flat pack that can be easily assembled onsite.
Garden Pod Flat Pack

DIY Garden Studio Pod Kits

This shows a Hideaway Garden Studio Pod and how it is delivered with pre made panels that are then assembled onsite to create an amazing extra space.

Imagine saving on the expensive cost of craning the studio pod into your backyard or building entirely onsite.

When you buy some kits, you are essentially paying for the raw materials – you are then required to completely construct the entire studio pod.

With Designer Hideaways Studio Pods the vast majority of the construction is done for you. You then just finish off on the inside to suit your needs. Access into your backyard is simple as the pre made panels can be carried by two people.

How It Works

Step 1: Choose Your Studio And Place Your Order.

Choose your colorbond colour, modify your doorway and add windows.

40% deposit locks you into our build schedule. Reach out to our team if you need guidance.

Step 2: Prepare The Area For Your Studio.

All of our studios are designed to sit off the ground.

Theres a variety of options available that you can utilise from stumps, piers or blocks. 

Step 3: Your Studio Is Ready. Time To Start Building!

Once delivered it’s time to start assembling your studio.

If you’re installing it yourself or hired a handyman it’s easy just follow the instructions provided.

Step 4: Personalise And Decorate!

Now the best part, make the studio feel like yours by adding your own personalised touches. Don’t forget to share your photos with us, we love to see what you do with your studio.

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We have sold over 500 Garden Studios throughout Australia.

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